Future Power Technology: Operations & Maintenance Special Issue 6

19 May 2015 (Last Updated June 9th, 2020 15:06)

In this issue: Mapping radiation in previously inaccessible areas, testing Europe’s biggest battery, remotely monitoring turbines, integrated gasification combined cycle technology, and more

Future Power Technology: Operations & Maintenance Special Issue 6

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Future Power Technology: Operations & Maintenance Special Issue 6 | May 2015

Measuring 16mm in diameter and weighing less than 10kg, Createc’s gamma camera adds a new dimension to nuclear decommisioning. We find out how engineers can use the N-Visage camera and imaging system to gain a more detailed picture of radiation and decide between alternative decommissioning methods.

With ‘Europe’s biggest battery’ at its core, the £18.7m Smarter Network Storage Facility aims to serve as proof of concept that battery storage is both technologically and economically favourable when applied at network scale. We report on the massive undertaking and ask whether it’s worth the cost.

Also in this issue, we learn how Siemens remotely identifies abnormal operating conditions of turbines, ask whether integrated gasification combined cycle technology has the potential to turn ‘clean coal’ into a reality, find out from AECOM’s Rosie Vetter why more people should work in renewable energy, and profile the ten worst blackouts over the last 50 years.

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In this issue

Staying a Step Ahead
Siemens’ Remote Diagnostic Services teams identify, assess and diagnose abnormal operating conditions of turbines before they can impact operations. Margot Knight learns how the service works in practice.
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A New View
UK company Createc’s N-Visage camera and imaging system is being used by engineers in the decommissioning of Fukushima’s reactors. Adam Leach finds out how the technology is used to model radiation in 3D and improve safety.
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Chasing Clean Coal
The future for coal power has never been so uncertain. Integrated gasification combined cycle technology might be the best shot at achieving ‘clean coal’ but, Dr Gareth Evans asks, will it ever be financially viable?
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Building a Giant
Trials of ‘Europe’s biggest battery’, which began last year, will assess the value of energy storage across the system. Adam Leach finds out what impact the Smarter Network Storage Facility could have on the European energy landscape.
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A majority of the world’s worst blackouts in the last fifty years occurred due to technical faults and human errors, but natural calamities have also taken their toll. We profile the ten worst incidents based on the number of people affected.
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Working in Wind
Working in the UK’s renewable industry is rewarding and sociable, says AECOM’ senior environmental scientist Rosie Vetter as she tells Heidi Vella-Starr about project managing environmental assessments for wind farms and why people should join the sector.
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Next issue preview

UK politicians have announced ambitious plans for six enormous tidal lagoons to be built on the country’s shores, but questions have been raised about efficiency of these installations, with some suggesting the price per unit would be far higher than for any other renewable source. We investigate the plans to find out whether the projects will be worth the investment.

We also find out how the US and China are uniting for clean energy research and investigate why, despite dozens of promising reactor designs waiting in the wings, nuclear energy is struggling to shake off its bad image in the West and whether more nuclear-friendly Asian nations will take the lead in the sector. Moreover, we find out how industry majors in Germany are recycling electric vehicle batteries to create energy storage centres and review a new renewable electricity trading scheme in the UK.

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