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Future Power Technology: Operations & Maintenance Special Issue 7 | August 2015

With the introduction of GE’s Digital Wind Farm in May, it’s clear that the industry is seeing the benefits of digital tech and data analytics for operations. We get the details on what the energy giant calls ‘the next evolution of wind energy’ and ask how it could affect the market.

Meanwhile, the UK’s onshore wind industry received a blow in June, after the government announced an end to onshore wind subsidies a year earlier than originally planned. We look into the wider impacts. In positive news, findings by IRENA show how the renewable energy job market grew in 2014, and the organisation predicts the trend to continue. We ask what’s driving this growth.

We also talk to Amec Foster Wheeler about its seven-year contract to develop a remote handling system for the ITER fusion reactor, find out how a new research project aims to better protect nuclear power plants in the Nordic region against earthquakes, and look at past successes to learn how entrepreneurs in energy can succeed in making their vision a reality.

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In this issue

Renewed Hope
Renewable energy jobs increased by 18% globally to reach an estimated 7.7 million in 2014, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency’s annual employment report. Julian Turner finds out what’s driving growth in this sector.
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Going Digital
General Electric has announced the launch of the Digital Wind Farm, a ‘wind energy ecosystem’ that has the potential to boost wind energy production by up to 20%. Chris Lo asks how the technology could affect the market as a whole.
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Adapting to Change
With the UK Government announcing to end onshore wind subsidies a year earlier than originally planned, how can the industry respond? And what does it mean for those providing operations and maintenance services? Adam Leach investigates.
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Seismically Safe
Nuclear power plants in the Nordic region could soon be better protected against earthquakes if a new research project goes to plan. Elly Earls meets one of the project’s key players to find out more.
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From Concept to Reality
Awarded the contract to develop a remote handling system for the ITER fusion reactor in France, Amec Foster Wheeler will, over a period of seven years, attempt to demonstrate the feasibility of nuclear fusion as a future power source. Gary Peters learns more.
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Tips from the Top
Entrepreneurs in the energy services sector face challenges such as uncertain economic conditions and intense competition. Abi Millar explores some of the strategies that have helped award-winning entrepreneurs succeed in making vision a reality.
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Next issue preview

With Pakistan planning to expand its feet of nuclear power plants, will the country turn to the East or the West to develop its reactor technology? We explore Pakistan’s options in the next issue. We also ask how the UK Government will respond to Britain’s energy independency being at risk once again as oil production in the North Sea slows down.

Moreover, we look into China’s clean energy revolution, find out how small-scale hydro projects in the UK can flourish in the face of overly bureaucratic regulation, learn how a new coating could reduce the noise of wind turbine blades, and report on the rise of green bonds in renewable project financing.

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