• Future Power Technology – Issue 95

    In this issue: Politicising coal in Australia, smart energy for smart cities, floating wind farms, see-through solar, renewable energy direct, a new start for tokamak, and more

  • Engineering fusion with Tokamak Energy

    Tokamak Energy has appointed former Rolls Royce executive Jonathan Carling as its new CEO. Could having an engineer at the helm help the company crack the final problems to become...

  • The energy industry outlook, from 2017 to 2018

    With disruptive technology, controversy around clean energy targets, the resurgence of nuclear power, the rise of clean coal - and even cheaper renewables - and cybercriminals targeting electricity grids, 2018...

  • Future Power Technology – Issue 93

    In this issue: Energising landfill waste, solar in the Sahara, COP23 and the cost of renewables, Australian nuclear, insect eyes inspiring tech, future energy leaders, and more

  • Future Power Technology: Issue 94

    In this issue: Germany to miss clean energy targets, the UK’s energy strategy, brightest solar projects, nuclear power’s outlook, automating utility switching, electricity data sharing, and more