• Controversial nuclear power plants in Europe

    While nuclear power plants still play a major role in the continent of Europe, concerns remain about their environmental impact and running costs. From Hungary’s Paks nuclear expansion to the...

  • Future Power Technology – Issue 100

    In this issue: Russian influence on Turkey's energy landscape, solar potential maps, investing in nuclear fusion, artificial intelligence for TPIs, net metering for solar, and more

  • Energy development: free market purists vs the state

    Governments commonly provide subsidies or other support mechanisms for energy development to align the market with strategic goals, especially with regards to decarbonisation. But some argue that state intervention is...

  • Future Power Technology – Issue 98

    In this issue: Examining energy politics, the golden age of gas, France’s nuclear health, the UK’s T-4 energy auction, energy scavenging technology, the global solar boom, and more

  • Future Power Technology – Issue 96

    In this issue: Japanese microgrids building resilience, offshore nuclear, changing energy supply models, smart energy resources, the reality of 100% renewable, nuclear energy in South Korea, and more