• Growth Blows into US Small Wind Market

    A new tax credit for small wind installations is making it a much more viable power option for homes across the US. GlobalData looks at how it is becoming an...

  • Finding Fast Fusion

    With the largest fusion reactor in the world under construction Professor Steve Cowley of the UK Fusion Programme UKAEA Culham talks to our sister site NEI on the current challenges...

  • HTGR: A Positive Reaction

    HTGR technology can generate hydrogen, heat and electricity, giving it plenty of potential for the power sector. Will Dalrymple talks to Dan Keuter, Entergy Nuclear vice president of planning and...

  • Lifting UK Power

    Installing clean technologies and ensuring best practice in plant life-management will increase efficiencies. But these challenges present some fierce lifting and logistical challenges. Natalie Coomber reports.

  • Betting Big on Biofuels

    An innovative biofuel concept is set to revolutionise the industry. Natalie Coomber finds out more about the project’s plans to clean the air of Rotterdam and produce power with no...

  • Friendly Fossil Fuels

    Dutch renewable energy company Nuon is pioneering clean fossil fuel technology. Ozge Ibrahim finds out more about how it promises to speed up the move towards a sustainable energy future.

  • Power Comes in Monitoring Pollutants

    Monitoring pollutants is essential to the environment and to the performance efficiency of the plant. Mitch Beedie reports on some of the latest technologies being installed.

  • The Rise of Nuclear Power in the East

    A report by GlobalData explored China's focus on nuclear power and Kazakhstan's drive to increase its uranium production. Power Technology’s Alex Hawkes takes a look at how the two countries...


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