The Lunen-Daimler – BESS is a 13,000kW energy storage project located in Lunen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

The electro-chemical battery energy storage project uses lithium-ion as its storage technology. The project was announced in 2015 and was commissioned in 2016.


The Lunen-Daimler – BESS was developed by Getec Energie and The Mobility House. The project is owned by Daimler (33.33%), Getec Energie (33.33%), a subsidiary of GETEC Energie Holding and The Mobility House (33.33%).

The key applications of the project are electric bill management, electric energy time shift and frequency regulation.

Contractors involved

Daimler, Getec Energie and The Mobility House have delivered the battery energy storage project.

Additional information

Joint Venture of Daimler AG, GETEC Energie and The Mobility House is the owner of the project. Four partner companies cover the entire battery added value and 2nd-use chain: From the manufacture and configuration of the battery systems by Daimler subsidiary ACCUMOTIVE and the corresponding range of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles from Daimler AG to the installation and marketing of the stationary battery storage to the energy markets by The Mobility House and GETEC, and finally the recycling of these battery systems at the end of their lifecycle and the return of the valuable raw materials to the production cycle, which will be the remit of REMONDIS.

About Getec Energie

Getec Energie GmbH (GETEC Energie), a subsidiary of Getec Energie Holding GmbH, is an energy services company. It provides customized power and gas supply solutions and commercialization of power produced with in-house generation systems. The company’s service offerings include energy supply models; balancing group management; access to short-term energy markets; sourcing energy from liquid markets in Germany and Europe; trading of electricity and gas; peak shaving (storing energy in batteries); commercialization of electricity from renewable energy sources; and process services. Getec Energie offers its solutions to utility companies, energy producers and consumers, energy consultants, and foreign utility companies. The company is operating throughout Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Switzerland. Getec Energie is headquartered in Hanover, Germany.

About The Mobility House

The Mobility House AG (Mobility House) is a clean technology company that offers intelligent energy-storage and charging solutions. The company generates electricity from solar and wind energy and stores in batteries. It offers products such as installed charging infrastructure products, stationary batteries, smart charging, vehivle to grid and energy storage, among others. Mobility House provides services such as installation and initial start-up of charging station and on-site inspection of electric installation and application situation. The company offers services related to electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, renewable energy as fuel, and access to public charging stations, among others. It offers customized solutions for the automotive industry. Mobility House is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.


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