The Narada Power-WuXi Industrial Park – Battery Energy Storage System I & II is a 20,000kW energy storage project located in Jiangsu, China.

The electro-chemical battery energy storage project uses lead-acid as its storage technology. The project was commissioned in 2018.


The Narada Power-WuXi Industrial Park – Battery Energy Storage System I & II was developed by Narada Power Source.

The key applications of the project are peak-shaving and demand response.

Contractors involved

Narada Power Source has delivered the battery energy storage project.

Additional information

This storage station for smart power distribution is situated in Wuxi-Singapore industrial park, with total power range of 20 MW and total capacity of 160 MWh, connected in high-voltage side of 10kV, powered for the whole industrial park. The first stage of the project is for 9 MW/72 MWh, and the second stage is for 11 MW/88 MWh, with total three locations in connection with grid. The system was deployed by State Grid Zhenjiang Power Supply Company and leased by State Grid Jiangsu Integrated Energy Service.

About Narada Power Source

Narada Power Source Co Ltd (Narada Power) is a battery manufacturer and distributor that markets and supplies stored energy solutions. The company’s products include eos series batteries, acme series, acmeG series, GP series, TTG series, TT series, eosG series, GPG series, MP series, HRL series, DC series, and MPG series batteries, among others. It also provides ares (opzv) series batteries,REX series, OPz series, 313K series, and lithium batteries among others. Narada Power offers intensive cyclic, REXC, 313K(High Temperature), NPFC, high rate long life and Hess, among others. The company has its operations in Asia, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. Narada Power is headquartered in Hangzhou, China.


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