British engineering firm Amberside Energy has partnered with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners’ (CIP) Flagship Funds to develop 2GW of solar and battery storage capacity in the UK.

Under the terms agreed, Flagship Funds will offer the required capital for the development of these projects subject to investment decisions.

CIP said the projects will ‘make a significant contribution’ to increasing the UK’s energy independence while providing ‘predictable and affordable power at a competitive cost’ and decarbonising energy production.

CIP partner Radu Gruescu said: “We look forward to a successful partnership with Amberside Energy for the development of a significant pipeline of clean-energy projects that will help accelerate the UK’s energy transition to ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

“UK solar and battery storage have become increasingly competitive in recent years and are now some of the most cost-efficient technologies, contributing to enhancing grid flexibility, resilience and increasing the overall security of supply.

“We look forward to working closely with AE’s highly experienced team to deliver projects that in addition to clean power at competitive prices also generate investment, jobs, and socioeconomic benefits.”

Amberside Energy will lead the origination and development activities for the solar and battery storage projects, while CIP will offer its knowledge of procurement, structuring and financing renewable projects.

Amberside Energy co-founder and CEO Marc Scambler said: “We are delighted to form a partnership with CIP.

“Our origination and development efforts are well underway, and our proprietary grid model combined with experience gained from auditing and asset managing such schemes helps maximise the efficiency of the development process.

“We expect our first projects to be ready to begin construction in the next two years and to deliver significant benefits to the communities who host them as well as generating sustainable green power for many years ahead.”