SIMEC Atlantis Energy (Atlantis) has chosen General Electric’s (GE) Power Conversion business as the preferred electrical systems supplier in support of the MeyGen tidal development project.

GE’s Power Conversion business will provide tidal turbine generators and the power converters for integration into Atlantis tidal stream turbine. GE’s full electrical system will also help create a new, cleaner power generation capacity.

Atlantis turbine and engineering services director Drew Blaxland said: “We are excited to partner with GE to deliver the MeyGen tidal project.

“We strongly believe that the project has the potential to provide home-grown transformation of the UK energy market and will redefine what the world can expect from renewable tidal energy.”

The MeyGen project is situated in the Pentland Firth, north of Scotland and has been producing clean power for the UK grid for over a year. The latest contract between the two companies is expected to move MeyGen development into its second phase, which has been termed as Project Stroma. It will see an addition of another 6MW of power generation capacity.

The contract scope covers tidal turbine generators, the power converters for conversion and smoothing of the irregular power before transmitting to the grid. GE has already commenced work on de-risking the overall system.

GE Power Conversion industry, power, water and wind CEO Gagan Sood said: “This is a major step forward towards large-scale tidal energy production, which makes the MeyGen tidal stream application a pathfinder for the future of tidal energy for the UK and around the world.

“We are committed to doing our part in innovating green energy to meet growing cleaner energy demands.”