Banks Renewables, a subsidiary of Banks Group, has secured the support of Rotherham council’s planning committee for the development of a 49MW solar plant in south Yorkshire in the UK.

The Common Farm solar energy park will be located on 116 hectares of land to the west of the Todwick Road industrial estate in Dinnington and have an installed capacity of 49MW.

The solar plant will also be accompanied by a 50MW battery storage system that will link directly to the Thurcroft electricity substation 3km north of the site.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council’s planning committee has voted in favour of the scheme and the solar plant’s planning application can now be referred to the secretary of state.

Banks Group community relations manager Jamilah Hassan stated: “Having had a recommendation for approval for our Common Farm solar energy park proposals from Rotherham Council’s expert planning officers, we are very pleased that the members of the council’s planning committee have been minded to follow their advice.

“Maximising the production and storage of renewable energy from sources within the UK is a crucial part of our nation’s ongoing journey towards its net-zero targets, especially with the current energy security and cost of living crisis in mind.

“The Common Farm solar energy park would extend the contribution that we are able to make locally towards reaching these goals while also increasing the tangible benefits that we can deliver to local communities through the benefits package that forms a key part of the overall project.”

In February 2023, the company submitted an application to extend the permitted lifespan of its Lambs Hill wind farm near Stockton-on-Tees.

This four-turbine wind farm has been operational since 2016 and was permitted to run for 25 years.

The company has applied to extend the life of the wind farm by a further 15 years.