Babcock & Wilcox Construction Co (BWCC) has secured a contract to install components for a North American power plant.

The contract is said to be worth more than $65m and involves the installation of Babcock & Wilcox (B&W)-designed and engineered components. It is part of the second phase of a multi-year plant maintenance project.

B&W CEO Kenneth Young said: “B&W and its subsidiaries are well-positioned to supply construction services and engineering expertise to help our customers maintain their power plants, which will remain critical components of North America’s energy infrastructure for years to come.

“As the most-experienced power plant service provider in the world, B&W is committed to using our expertise to deliver environmentally-conscious solutions to provide safe, reliable and cost-efficient power for our customers and the communities they serve.”

Earlier, B&W was awarded a contract to deliver boiler equipment and other components for the power plant.

BWCC has supported a number of projects offering services such as field construction, construction management and maintenance.

In January this year, BWCC was awarded a $5m contract to install retrofit boiler equipment at a US coal-fired power plant.

The Babcock & Wilcox Company senior vice-president Jimmy Morgan said: “BWCC’s extensive experience with site supervision and project execution on a wide range of jobs of all sizes gives us the depth of knowledge and responsiveness needed to proactively manage risks and safely deliver construction solutions for our customers.

“We’re honoured by the trust they place in us and look forward to executing this project safely and effectively.”