US-based energy company Constellation has signed a solar agreement with three commercial customers for the supply of 175MW in renewable energy to power its operations.

The three customers are Johns Hopkins University, flavour products manufacturer McCormick & Company, and TJX Companies, an apparel and home fashion retailer.

Constellation CEO Jim McHugh said: “Corporations are eager to do their part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to cleaner forms of energy, and Constellation is committed to providing clean energy solutions that help them meet their goals.

“This major CORe agreement helps to remove the barriers that stand between companies and their sustainability goals, for the sake of good business – and the benefit of our environment.”

The clients will purchase renewable power and project-specific renewable energy certificates (RECs) from a new solar plant, called Skipjack solar centre, which will commence operations in 2021.

The solar facility will be developed at Charles City County, Virginia, and will be built by sPower, an AES and AIMCO Company.

Constellation stated that it will purchase energy, as well as RECs from the Skipjack Solar Centre, before selling it to its customers.

McCormick & Company will use the clean energy to power four manufacturing facilities, corporate headquarters and two distribution centres.

McCormick & Company CEO Lawrence Kurzius said: “McCormick is honoured to be a part of the Skipjack solar agreement, which represents a significant move forward in our goal to reduce our carbon footprint across the company.

“We acknowledge that climate change is a real and pressing problem and we’re committed to doing our part to use renewable energy to combat it.”

The agreement will support Johns Hopkins University’s objective to reduce carbon emissions by 51% by 2025.