Baltic Power offshore wind farm developers Orlen Group and Northland Power have begun construction on the transmission infrastructure in the Choczewo municipality in Poland.

According to the construction schedule, the 1.2GW wind farm is expected to begin operations in 2026.

The developers stated that the onshore infrastructure for the Baltic Power wind farm has been designed to minimise environmental impact.

The onshore substation will act as the hub for cable lines transmitting electricity nearly 30km from the coast in the Baltic Sea.

Almost the whole route of the cable’s 7km onshore section has been routed underground.

The landfall has been routed at an underground depth of 10m by using directional drilling.

This makes it practically invisible and will affect the visibility on the beach.

PKN ORLEN management board president Daniel Obajtek said: “As the first company in Poland, we commence constructing infrastructure allowing to deliver electricity produced offshore to the grid. We have also started work in the area of the installation terminal for offshore wind farms in Świnoujście. We are not slowing down, since making investments in modern, zero-carbon energy is a pillar of our strategy.

“Offshore wind farms, in addition to small nuclear reactors, will be key to transforming Poland’s electricity system and strengthening our region’s energy security. We are fully prepared to implement the project in the Baltic Sea that will provide clean, affordable energy to millions of Poles as early as 2026.”

A consortium of GE and Enprom has been selected for the design, construction and delivery of the necessary components for the onshore substation.

GE also designed the electrical system and supplied the high-voltage power components for the project.

Polish company Empron was responsible for the construction of the substation.

Last year, the developers completed contracts for all the key components of the wind farm’s construction, with the onshore construction beginning this year.

The first offshore installation works are expected to begin in the next year.

The Baltic Power wind farm will be powered by 76 turbines, each with a 15MW capacity. The turbines will be more than 200m in length.

Last September, Danish wind turbine maker Vestas was selected to supply the turbines for the project.

To be located 23km off the coast, the wind farm will be able to supply green electricity to more than 1.5 million Polish households, once it is operational.