Danish authorities have ordered energy company Ørsted to resume operations at its oil and coal-fired power stations to ensure the supply of electricity in Denmark.

In line with the directive, Ørsted will continue to operate Esbjerg Power Station’s Unit Three, which is scheduled to be decommissioned on 31 March next year.

Esbjerg Power Station has 370MW of capacity and uses coal as its primary fuel source.

The officials have also asked Ørsted to resume operations of the Studstrup Power Station’s fourth unit, as well as Unit 21 of the Kyndby Peak Load Plant.

Studstrup is a 360MW power station that uses coal for power generation, while the 260MW Kyndby Peak power plant uses oil as fuel.

Both plants have been decommissioned and are currently being preserved.

The Danish authorities have told Ørsted to keep the three units operational until 30 June 2024. 

Ørsted Group president and CEO Mads Nipper said: “In order to ensure the security of the electricity supply, the Danish authorities have today ordered us to continue as well as resume operations at some of our oil- and coal-fired power stations.

“We will, of course, comply with the Danish authorities’ order, and we’ll now begin preparing and maintaining the units as well as securing the staffing necessary to operate them.

“We still believe that we, as a society, must phase out the use of gas, oil, and coal as soon as possible, but we’re in the middle of a European energy crisis, and we will, of course, contribute to ensuring the electricity supply to the best of our ability.”

Ørsted said it would ‘make every effort’ to have the Studstrup and Kyndby Peak units ready for operation as soon as possible, though this would involve addressing some technical, maintenance and staffing issues.