The US Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office (DOE SETO) has selected Siemens’ central research and development (R&D) unit in the US for a solar research award.

As part of the $6.4m study, Siemens Corporate Technology (CT) US unit will carry out research on energy management systems for solar and microgrid technologies.

The primary objective of the research is to enhance resiliency and autonomous operation of the US electricity grid and safeguard against cyber and physical threats. The project will also see the development of a new energy management system that will have the ability to coordinate with the distributed micro-grids and work together using various technologies.

Siemens CT Autonomous Systems and Control Research Group head Ulrich Muenz said: “Siemens technologies are helping to modernise the US electric grid and develop stronger, more resilient power systems that can detect and defend against physical and cyber-threats and support smart infrastructures.

“This project advances innovative research and development for technologies that could one day become standard across the industry to enhance and protect critical infrastructure through autonomous and resilient energy management systems.”

Collaborative efforts between Siemens and the DOE are expected to begin this year.

As part of this project, Siemens CT team will collaborate with DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Columbia University, Siemens Digital Grid and Holy Cross Energy.

The partners will create a three-layer energy management system for autonomous and resilient operation of energy systems with renewables (AURORA).