Enel Green Power España (EGPE), a subsidiary of Endesa, has started building a wind farm in Spain with an investment of €181m ($220m).

The 180MW TICO WIND plant, located in Villar de los Navarros in the province of Zaragoza, will come online next year.

Featuring 43 wind turbines, the facility will have the capacity to generate 471GWh of clean energy a year while offsetting 385,505t of carbon emissions.

Of the total wind turbines, 26 will have 3.65MW of unit power and 17 will have 5MW.

Endesa CEO José Bogas said: “With this project, we reaffirm our commitment to continue strengthening the renewable generation mix in Spain, helping to pursue its objectives in the field of green energy.

“We are also taking advantage of the wealth of renewable sources in the country while actively promoting innovation and sustainability through the adoption of international best practices during the construction phase.”

Enel Green Power’s project construction is based on its Sustainable Construction Site model.

This will include the installation of solar panels at each site to cover a portion of their energy needs, as well as water tanks and rainwater collection systems to save water.

During 2019 and last year, Enel Green Power commissioned 18 wind farms in the Teruel and Zaragoza provinces. These have a combined capacity of 504MW and involved an overall investment of around €510m ($620m).

The company uses various tools and techniques for wind farm construction, which it claims enables quicker and more accurate data collection at the sites.

In March, EGPE acquired a 519MW solar photovoltaic project portfolio from Arena Power in Spain.

The portfolio includes 11 projects representing an investment of around €350m ($415m), including the price of acquisition, construction and start-up. Construction will begin next year, with operations starting in 2024.