Netherlands-based geodata company Fugro has secured a contract from Danish national transmission system operator Energinet to conduct cable route surveys for the North Sea Energy Island project.

The proposed Energy Island will be used as an offshore power plant to transfer up to 10GW of offshore wind power to Denmark and other neighbouring markets.

As part of the contract, Fugro will carry out geophysical, geotechnical services and laboratory testing activities to identify ground engineering challenges along the cable route from the Danish landfalls to the future artificial island location.

The company plans to send its survey vessels to conduct geophysical and geotechnical surveys in March.

The scope of works will include remotely operated vehicle inspections and shallow geotechnical investigations with the Blue Snake geotechnical system.

The Blue Snake geotechnical system is designed to integrate both cone penetration testing and sampling technology.

It is intended to optimise data correlation and improve design and engineering for future cable installation works.

Fugro said that the technology can capture all the data in a single pass, with testing completed consecutively at fixed distances along the cable route.

Fugro commercial manager Mathijs Hogerwerf said: “Energinet will benefit from our integrated services by enhanced safety and improved project efficiency.

“Our vessels, equipment, planning and execution methods meet the needs of such a complex assignment and will also help us manage difficult metocean conditions.”

Fugro principal commercial manager Sven Plasman said: “With our team of expert geoconsultants and the latest innovative technology such as Fugro Blue Snake, we’re able to provide clients with the best possible geodata to support the attainment of their sustainability goals.” 

Fugro has also agreed to help Energinet with wind-resource mapping after installing wind light detection and ranging (LiDAR) buoys in the Baltic and North Seas.

The company previously secured two geotechnical site investigation contracts and a marine site characterisation contract for the project.