GE Gas Power has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Japanese engineering firm IHI to develop ammonia combustion technologies.

The partners will use these technologies in gas turbines to generate electricity with reduced or near-zero carbon emissions.

The agreement follows an MoU signed by the companies in June 2021, under which they agreed to carry out an economic assessment of the use of ammonia as a carbon-free fuel for existing and new gas turbines.

IHI Corporation president Hiroshi Ide said: “IHI continues to develop businesses across the entire fuel ammonia value chain, from production to transport, storage and utilisation.

“Through this collaboration with GE, we will focus our efforts on satisfying domestic and overseas demand for large-scale ammonia gas turbines, stimulating further demand for fuel ammonia and expanding the fuel ammonia value chain to rapidly realise a carbon-neutral society.”

Under their latest MoU, the two firms will outline a roadmap to develop gas turbine technologies by the end of this decade.

They will focus on GE’s 6F.03, 7F and 9F gas turbines and aim to operate them safely using 100% ammonia.

GE and IHI will also explore the possibility of using this technology for more gas turbines in future.

GE Vernova CEO Scott Strazik said: “GE—as a leader in combustion technologies—will bring its extensive experience and expertise in engineering and manufacturing gas turbine combustors and balance-of-plant systems.

“We hope that this collaboration will pave the way for power plant operators to pursue the adoption of carbon-free fuels such as ammonia for power generation in their GE gas turbines and significantly contribute towards lowering carbon emissions in the power sector globally.”

Last month, GE Gas Power secured a contract to build a gas-fired power plant in Dublin, Ireland, in partnership with Greek industrial firm Mytilineos.