GE’s power services business has entered multi-year agreements (MYA) worth $330m with a consortium led by Macquarie and Techint to deliver a total plant services solution for the 907MW Norte III Power Plant in Mexico.

The long-term contracts include fully integrated operation and maintenance (O&M) and contractual service agreements for a period of 25 years.

Commissioned in 2015, the Norte III Power Plant is intended to meet increasing electricity demands in the Ciudad Juarez region of the State of Chihuahua, Mexico.

GE will leverage its Fleet360 platform of total plant solutions for the plant, which runs on four GE 7F.04 gas turbines and two Toshiba steam turbines.

“Our total power plant services solution provides greatly improved risk mitigation.”

The Fleet360 platform also offers an entire suite of digital solutions and plant improvement services.

GE’s power services global operation & maintenance (O&M) business general manager Terrence Schoenborn said: “Our total power plant services solution provides greatly improved risk mitigation while offering capacity and efficiency guarantees tailored to meet the Macquarie-Techint Consortium‘s needs.

“We’re sharing both the benefits and risks with Macquarie by guaranteeing the performance of the facility and sharing the impact of any unplanned maintenance.”

GE will also deploy asset performance management (APM) and operations optimisation (OO) software applications that will utilise advanced analytics to predict and avoid any unplanned downtime, as well as enhance the productivity of the plant.