The GNF ENUSA Nuclear Fuel (GENUSA) joint venture (JV) has secured a contract from Swedish energy company Vattenfall to provide fuel reloads for the Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant near Forsmark, Sweden.

GENUSA comprises ENUSA Industrias Avanzadas (ENUSA) and global boiling water reactor fuel supplier Global Nuclear Fuel (GNF).

Under the deal, GENUSA will be providing fuel reloads to the Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant from 2020 until 2023.

The deal also includes eight reloads for GNF2, which is a high-performance fuel assembly that delivers increased energy output while decreasing overall fuel cycle costs.

“These new contracts will strengthen our relationship with Vattenfall.”

The components of the assembly have been designed by GNF that includes an enhanced GNF2 spacer and the Defender Plus debris filter, which stops debris before it reaches the fuel assembly.

GNF CEO Amir Vexler said: “We continue to enhance our fuel products to further improve reliability for customers and we are pleased that Vattenfall, one of Europe’s leading energy companies, has selected GNF2 for these upcoming reloads.”

The eight reloads comprises four reloads each at units one and two.

ENUSA president and CEO Jose Luis Gonzalez said: “It is a satisfaction knowing that after more than 20 years of collaboration, Vattenfall continues trusting in the GENUSA supply of products and services. These new contracts will strengthen our relationship with Vattenfall.”

The fuel that will be used for reloading units one and two that makes use of GNF-supplied components will be fabricated by ENUSA at its Juzbado Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing Plant in Spain.

Since its inception in 1996, ENUSA has been manufacturing fuel sold by GENUSA to boiling water reactor operators across Europe.