An analysis of GlobalData’s Solar Power Influencer Platform has revealed Tor Valenza, founder and CMO at Unthink Solar, as the top influencer on solar power during Q4 2020. Valenza mostly shares updates on clean energy products and services.

Solar Power Influencer Platform tracks over 150 leading industry experts and their discussions on the emerging trends, pain areas, new fields of innovation and other popular areas on Twitter.

Arik Ring was the next top influencer among the solar power experts having an influencer score of 92.

The owner of Energy Engineering Expert Consultant, Ring specialises in solar, waste heat, and other clean technologies.

He is followed by Jesse Jenkins, assistant professor at Princeton University, with an influencer score of 66.

Jenkins is also macro-scale energy systems engineer, focusing on the quickly evolving power sector.

GlobalData influencer analyst Smitarani Tripathy said: “Wind, renewable energy and sustainability were the most mentioned trends among the solar power influencer discussions on Twitter during the period.”

The discussions around wind were mostly driven by how wind and solar served 73% of the demand in September in South Australia.

South Australia’s main grid was also 30% renewable.

Renewable energy was another top trend, with discussions on how four countries Iceland, Paraguay, Norway and Costa Rica are already operating on almost 100% renewable energy.

Among the firms, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Sunrun Inc. (SunRun) and the International Energy Agency (IEA) were the most mentioned among solar power influencer discussions on Twitter during the fourth quarter.

The discussions associated to NREL grew when it recommended combining floating solar with existing hydroelectric facilities such as 379,000 hydro reservoirs, which could produce sufficient power to meet up to 40% of the requirements of the world.

SunRun was another most mentioned firm, driven by increase in discussions when the firm closed acquisition of Vivint Solar to speed up clean energy adoption and boost customer value.