Hong Kong-based Hanergy Thin Film Power has been awarded a $130m HanTile presale contract to supply 100MW of thin-film solar roof tile systems to Japanese construction and photovoltaics company Forest Group.

The contract was signed between Hanergy and FGS, a subsidiary company of Forest Group that focuses on solar power business.

“The partnership between the firms aims to harvest at least 30% of Japan’s home photovoltaics market within three years.”

Forest Group president Mori Haruyuki said: “We’re thrilled to work with Hanergy and utilise its expertise in thin film power sector to revolutionise Japan’s photovoltaic market.

“We have great confidence in Hanergy’s products and we’re sure that we’ll together win accolades in the sector.

Furthermore, in the backdrop, we hope that within the next five to ten years, Japan’s household market reaches the goal of zero emission, realising a great potential for solar power market.”

The partnership between the firms aims to ‘harvest at least 30% of Japan’s home photovoltaics market within three years’.

In addition, Hanergy intends to establish its footprint in the international market through this partnership.

HanTile, which is Hanergy’s flagship solar roof tile solution, was released by the company in April this year and since then the company is carrying out a presale campaign for the product in 20 countries across the globe.

Hanergy Thin Film Power Group vice-president Lv Yuan said: “We see a great potential in the Japanese market, which is also a strategic market for Hanergy.”

In a separate development, Hanergy signed an agreement with Japanese Acalie EC to supply 10,000 Humbrellas, a thin film solar umbrella product.