Swedish offshore wind developer Hexicon has announced that AvenHexicon, its Italian joint venture (JV), has secured maritime priority rights for developing two floating wind farms in Italy.

AvenHexicon is a 50/50 JV created by Hexicon in partnership with local firm Avapa Energy in December last year.

Earlier this year, grid and maritime concession applications were submitted for five sites. Of these, maritime priority rights have been approved for two sites.

The company said it has applied for the Maritime Concession under the country’s legislation on the promotion of renewable energy use.

It added that this is in agreement with authorisation procedures for offshore wind.

The first site is in the south of Sicily and has a potential capacity of nearly 1.2GW, while the second site is located north-west of Sardinia and has more than 1.3GW of potential capacity.

The two offshore sites range from 346km² to 364km² in area and have the capacity to generate more than 2.5GW of clean energy collectively.

They have now been prioritised for the development of floating wind farms by AvenHexicon.

AvenHexicon CEO Alberto Dalla Rosa said: “Having obtained rights for these two water areas are evidence of our competitive offering as a project developer.

“This is a stepping stone for AvenHexicon, aiming to be a key player in Italy’s gradual transition to a renewable, fossil-free energy system.”

The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) recently named Italy as one of the top five emerging markets for offshore wind.

The country aims to source 55% of its energy from renewables by 2030.

In July this year, Hexicon Korea agreed to sell a stake in the Yeonggwang Project, a 1.2GW floating wind facility located offshore from South Korea’s south-west coast.

The business will sell its 40% stake in the project to an undisclosed buyer.