Austrian company Innio has secured a contract to supply eight 3.35MW Jenbacher J620 gas engines to Chongqing Yuxin Energy’s Chongqing Songzao coal mine methane (CMM) gas-fuelled power plant in China.

The Chongqing Songzao plant is owned by Chongqing Energy Investment Group (CQEIG). Its initial phase will feature 51 smaller gas engines from a local supplier.

The Jenbacher J620 gas engines will be supplied for the 26.8MW expansion of the power plant. Upon completion, a total of 55.8MW of gas engine power will be connected to the local grid.

Located 150km from Chongqing City, the project is supporting the country’s efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of coal production.

It will also support the government’s goals for exploration and usage of CMM to help minimise the country’s methane emissions.

“Jenbacher gas engines will help support China’s ongoing commitment to reduce the environmental impacts of coal production.”

Methane-rich gas from the plant will be captured to produce on-site power with the Jenbacher engines.

Innio China general manager Bright Yin said: “The Chongqing Songzao Coal Mine gas-to-power expansion project is another significant order in China, adding 26.8MW to the delivered Jenbacher gas engine fleet.

“Our Jenbacher gas engines offer the highest electrical efficiency and have a reputation in the industry for durability and reliability, which will help to support China’s ongoing commitment to reduce the environmental impacts of coal production.”

Innio will supply the gensets, commissioning services for the generator sets and related equipment for the project.

The company’s channel partner, CAMDA will provide related plant equipment,  including radiators, silencers, control panels, exhaust boilers and associated equipment, as well as installation and other services.

Scheduled to be delivered to the site in July this year, the Jenbacher J620 gas engines are expected to start commercial operation by the year-end.