Japanese utility company JERA has reached heads of agreement with West Holdings Corporation (West HD) to develop at least 1GW worth of solar power projects in Japan over the next five years.

The two companies plan to combine their expertise to expedite solar power generation in the country, enhance their renewable energy businesses and contribute to creating a decarbonised society.

JERA and West HD will carry out further discussions on various topics, with West HD focusing on the development of the solar projects for JERA at its former power plant locations in addition to new sites in Japan.

The two firms will also discuss joint solar power generation business opportunities for third parties both in Japan and abroad, as well as focusing on the exchange of solar power and other sources of power.

They are expected to reach a final agreement by the end of next month.

JERA said that if all the projects in the agreement are executed, it will establish itself as one of Japan’s largest solar power producers.

In a statement, the company said: “Aiming to become a global leader in renewable energy in 2025, JERA is actively engaged in the development of renewable energy projects.

“With an eye to revising upward its renewable energy development target of 5GW in 2025, JERA will continue to work with various companies in Japan and overseas to expand the installed capacity of renewable energy and to achieve its objective of ‘JERA Zero CO₂ Emissions 2050’.”

West HD has also launched the West Group Carbon Neutral Vision 2025 and plans to minimise carbon dioxide emissions throughout society.

The company intends to develop 2GW of renewable energy capacity in Japan and overseas.

In June 2020, JERA, Ademe Investissement and Ideol entered a partnership for developing floating offshore wind projects.