BP, Statkraft and Mainstream Renewable Power have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Windport to develop offshore wind power in Mandal, Norway.

Global Ocean Technology subsidiary Windport is building a port whose location is ideal to serve the Sørlige Nordsjø II (SN2) site, which is offshore from Norway.

The port is expected to become a ‘one-stop-shop’ and serve the SN2 area and the wider North Sea and global regions.

The three companies intend to bid for the development of fixed-bottom offshore wind power projects in the SN2 ‎licence area.

The SN2 licence area is located in the Norwegian North Sea, around 140km from the coast of Norway.

Mainstream Norway and Sweden head and SN2 consortium spokesperson Sebastian Bringsværd said: “We have been working with Windport over the last couple of months to aid the development of the port and local subcontractors in the region and we are impressed by the leadership Windport is displaying in spearheading the Agder region’s involvement in offshore wind.

“We’re offering the best of BP, Mainstream and Statkraft to help create what will be a vital port for not only Norway, but the global offshore industry as well.

“Going beyond what we see competitors are doing in the market, we need to ensure we bring all levels of the Norwegian and local supply chain on board to capitalise on the growth we expect to see in the years ahead.”

In addition to exploring options to use Windport for developing and operating offshore wind assets at SN2, the MOU also includes a Collaboration Charter.

The Collaboration Charter will help drive the port’s cost optimisation and innovative development while enhancing the port’s ability to serve the global offshore wind industry.

As part of this, the three companies intend to ‘add a new dimension and level of support’ to expedite the port’s start-up and efficiency.