Ayala has acquired a 70% stake in Merlin Solar Technologies through its manufacturing arm AC Industrial Technology Holdings.

The transaction will increase Ayala’s total stake in Merlin Solar Technologies to 78.2%.

The acquisition falls in line with AC Industrials’ strategy to own, develop and commercialise disruptive technologies in transforming industries.

Ayala is a diversified energy company based in the Philippines, while Merlin Solar Technologies is a US-based provider of flexible, mobile and wearable crystalline silicon solar modules.

Pattern Energy Group 2 LP has reached an agreement with Pattern Energy Group to acquire an additional interest in Green Power Investment Corporation for $27m.

“Snam has agreed to purchase an 82% stake in TEP Energy Solution for €17.22m ($21.18m).”

Based in the US, Pattern Energy Group is a power generation and transmission company, while Green Power Investment is a renewable energy asset developer and operator based in Japan.

Singleton Birch has acquired a 75% stake in PlanET Biogas UK.

Singleton Birch is engaged in the production and supply of lime and chalk, while PlanET Biogas is a biogas power generating company.

Both the companies involved in the transaction are based in the UK.

Snam has agreed to purchase an 82% stake in TEP Energy Solution for €17.22m ($21.18m).

Based in Italy, Snam is engaged in providing natural gas infrastructure, while TEP is an energy utility company.

Inercom has agreed to acquire CEZ’s power distribution companies in Bulgaria, including CEZ Bulgaria EAD, CEZ Elektro Bulgaria, CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria, and CEZ Trade Bulgaria EAD.

Inercom will also acquire the Oreshetz solarpower plant and the Bara biomass gasification power plant.

Inercom is engaged in renewable energy generation, while CEZ is a power utility. Both companies are based in Bulgaria.