Japan-based power company Mitsubishi Power has unveiled plans to establish the Takasago Hydrogen Park in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

The hydrogen park will be co-located at Mhi ’s Takasago Machinery Works facility and is claimed to be the world’s first centre to validate hydrogen-related technologies, which range from hydrogen production to power generation.

Mitsubishi Power will set up all aspects of hydrogen-related technologies at the Takasago Machinery Works facility, which the company currently uses for gas turbine development and manufacturing activities.

The Takasago Hydrogen Park is intended to help Mitsubishi Power commercialise hydrogen gas turbines using hydrogen as a fuel.

The company will build the hydrogen park near the T-Point 2 combined cycle power plant validation facility and plans to expand it in the near future.

It intends to test and demonstrate technologies such as hydrogen production and storage, as well as the use of hydrogen as a fuel for gas turbines.

Mitsubishi Power aims to begin operations at the facility in the next fiscal year.

For the combustion chamber, the company will create a workflow comprising the creation of a development centre, design and production of a machine at the manufacturing plant, and validation testing at the demonstration facility.

The gas turbine development process will involve testing all elements at the basic design stage, implementing the outcomes in the detailed design and validating the final product.

In a statement, Mitsubishi Power said: “To support the commercialisation of hydrogen gas turbines by 2025, verification of large gas turbines is being conducted at the T-Point 2 facility for power generation using a JAC class turbine initially starting at 30% hydrogen co-firing and increasing hydrogen co-firing over time.

“Testing for 100% hydrogen firing of small-sized and mid-sized turbines will be conducted using an H-25 class gas turbine.”

Last year, Mitsubishi Power renewed its partnership with Iberdrola to identify opportunities for large-scale, carbon-free renewable energy generation and storage projects.