Ontario Power Generation (OPG) subsidiary Canadian Nuclear Partners (CNP) has signed an agreement with Westinghouse Electric Company to work on a wide range of nuclear projects globally.

The work considered includes refurbishment, maintenance and outage services, decommissioning and remediation of existing nuclear facilities and new nuclear power plants.

Westinghouse is presently designing filtered containment vents at OPG’s Darlington nuclear power plant as part of the site’s refurbishment.

Westinghouse president and CEO Danny Roderick said that the two companies are bringing their complementary strengths and capabilities together for the common good of the global nuclear energy industry.

"This relationship will further add to Westinghouse’s advanced products and services that support our global customers’ efforts to improve operating efficiencies and achieve cost-effective energy security and diversity while not damaging the environment with greenhouse-gas-emitting sources."

OPG president and CEO Tom Mitchell said: "We anticipate that OPG’s expertise in plant maintenance, upgrades and refurbishments will be well augmented by the service offerings and global experience of Westinghouse."

The Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) has welcomed the announcement of the service agreement between CNP and Westinghouse.

CNA president and CEO Dr John Barrett said: "In choosing to work together, these leaders in innovation will reinforce the nuclear industry’s contributions to Canada’s knowledge economy."