Power and automation group ABB has installed high-voltage direct current (HVDC) power link, Fenno-Skan 2, between Finland and Sweden.

The cable-based power transmission system, Fenno-Skan 2, allows for the exchange of an additional 800MW of power between the two countries, relieving transmission constrictions in the region. ABB power systems division head Martin Gross said: "In addition to enhancing capacity, facilitating power trading and improving security of supply in the region, this link will also help to improve grid reliability."

The installation includes two converter stations, one situated in Rauma, on the Finnish side, and the other in Finnböle in Sweden. The control system of the original link will also be upgraded. The link will run in parallel with Fenno-Skan 1, providing a bipolar link to enhance the capacity for power trading and improve the security of supply in the region.

The converter stations in Sweden for Fenno-Skan 1 and 2 are located 70km from each other because of AC grid constraints. ABB said this problem will be overcome with the latest control and communication technologies, combined with a circuit solution, which enables an integrated bipole despite the distance between the two.

The Fenno-Skan link is owned and operated by Fingrid and Svenska Kraftnät.