Power and automation technology group ABB has secured an order worth $160m from Svenska Kraftnät, the national grid operator, to provide a new high-voltage underground cable system in southern Sweden.

The main objective of the new transmission system, part of the South-West Link power transmission project, is to enhance capacity and strengthen the reliability of the national power grid. It will also help increase transmission capacity in the south of the country, as well as between Sweden and Norway.

In addition, the link will also facilitate the future integration of large-scale wind power into the Swedish power network. ABB’s underground HVDC cable system will have the capacity to transport two units of 660MW of electric power at a voltage level of 300kV.The electrical power will be transported across a distance of some 200km between Barkaryd and Hurva in southern Sweden. ABB is responsible for the design, engineering, manufacture, supply and installation of the entire cable system, including terminations, joints and other accessories.

Upon completion in 2014, the project will be the longest and most powerful underground cable link in the world. ABB’s head of power systems division Peter Leupp said the cable solution will increase power capacity and facilitate the exchange, as well as help integrate more renewable energy.

"It will also reduce the impact of power system disturbances and contribute to the stability and reliability of the grid," added Leupp.

Recently, ABB has invested around $90m and $400m in the US and Sweden respectively to increase the production capacity of land and subsea cables.