Cloud services provider Akamai Technologies has invested in the 80MW Seymour Hills wind energy farm in Texas, US.

This move helped the company meet part of its goal to source renewable energy for half of its global network operations by 2020.

To decarbonise its operations, Akami Technologies intends to invest in the renewable energy project for 20 years. It aims to source enough clean energy from the windpower facility to offset its aggregate Texas data centre operations, which account for approximately 7% of the company’s global power load.

Akamai's executive vice-president and chief financial officer Jim Benson said: “Akamai has been seeing a strong trend with customers that value and demand clean-powered, decarbonised services from their supply chains.

"This project is one of several in which Akamai plans to invest to reach our 50% goal."

“This project is one of several in which Akamai plans to invest to reach our 50% goal. Only recently have companies like Akamai (with small, distributed loads, relative to big buyers like Apple, Google, and Amazon) been able to make a meaningful impact on decarbonising operations that go beyond purchasing unbundled renewable energy credits.

“We believe our innovative procurement strategy can be a model for others, and we're excited to help lead the way.”

Built by wind and solar energy project developer Infinity Renewables, the power project is scheduled to become operational next year. Development plans also involve construction of 38 wind turbines across approximately 8,000 acres of land.