Alstom has won a contract worth around €11m from Czech energy company CEZ for the refurbishment of another two boilers at the Pocerady power plant.

Pursuant to the contract, Alstom will refurbish two 200MW pulverised lignite coal units – boilers two and five – at the plant situated in the middle among the towns of Louny, Zatec and Most.

The project, which is set for completion in 2015, includes the adjustment of the combustion system to curb nitrogen oxide (NOx) emitted during the combustion process, and the installation of a selective non-catalytic reduction system to further reduce NOx from the flue gas.

In October 2012, the company also secured a €10m contract to refurbish two other units – boilers three and four at the Pocerady plant.

"The scope and technical solutions are similar for all the boilers at the Pocerady plant."

These contracts are aimed at reducing the NOx level in the flue gas to 200mg/Nm3, which is mandatory for all power plants producing more than 50MW by 2016 under the European Industrial Emissions Directive.

The scope and technical solutions are similar for all the boilers at the Pocerady plant, which is set-up as a turnkey refurbishment project.

Alstom Czech Republic president Petr Brzezina said the company’s success in both public tenders at Pocerady will enable it to use synergies to complete these major projects.

"The project is part of a series of similar contracts that Alstom has recently won throughout Europe and adds to Alstom’s broad reference basis for Low NOx projects globally," said Brzezina.

Initially, the project was built with a power capacity of 1,200MW ( six 200MW) in two stages with the first stage included construction of units one to four, which became operational by 1971, while the second stage included the development of units five and six, which were put into operation in 1977.