Construction company Anesco has collaborated with UK electric utility company Limejump to bring 185MW of energy storage online by the end of next year.

Developed as one of the largest energy storage portsolfios in the country, these systems will play a major role in balancing the grid through the capacity market, frequency response, and wider market participation.

Anesco's executive chairman Steve Shine said: “As well as aiding grid stability, energy storage can help maximise the use of renewable power being generated, while breeding a more resilient local grid.

“It’s an exciting time for the sector and we predict momentum will continue to grow, as more and more generators look to benefit from the technology.”

"This approach helps to balance out more renewable generation on the grid."

Under the deal, Limejump will be responsible for commercially operating the energy storage portfolio.

In August this year, the UK energy storage system is planned for entry into the capacity market and will join Limejump’s virtual power plant portfolio in playing a significant role in dynamic frequency response. This will help provide the power grid with a sub-second response to support supply and demand requirements.

Limejump's chief executive officer (CEO) Erik Nygard said: “Limejump is proud to be commercially operating the Anesco projects within our virtual power plant, providing them with access to the full breadth of market opportunities and enabling more distributed generators and commercial assets to participate in grid balancing schemes.

“This approach helps to balance out more renewable generation on the grid, decreasing the UK’s reliance on large fossil fuel plants and offering a more cost-effective solution to increasing renewables through cleaner, smarter technology.”

Image: Battery storage system. Photo: courtesy of Anesco.