Fast-track mobile turbine provider APR Energy has secured two five-year projects worth $450m from Argentina’s Ministry of Energy and Mining to provide 350MW of power generating capacity in the South American country.

The 350MW capacity will be split between the two project sites by using 14 latest fuel mobile gas turbines of APR Energy.

APR Energy chairman and chief executive officer John Campion said: "Argentina has been a key customer for us for many years, and we are honoured to receive the largest share of generating capacity awarded to an international company.

"We look forward to the opportunity to continue to provide Argentina with power well into the next decade."

The new mobile turbines offered by the company include a wide range of advantages over traditional existing fast-track power technologies.

"The turbines can use alternative fuels such as naphtha, LPG and kerosene."

The turbines can use alternative fuels such as naphtha, LPG and kerosene. They have been designed to cause fewer emissions, less noise and have a smaller footprint than high-speed engines that generate the same amount of power.

Champion added: "Our Argentina award further demonstrates that turbines have a key place in the fast-track power market.

"They are the preferred technology of utilities and a solution that integrates well into their existing infrastructure."

Currently in Argentina, APR Energy generates a total 75MW of power at three sites that include Magdalena, Sáenz Peña and Formosa.

The current project is the company’s fourth award in the past year for mobile gas turbines, including those in Egypt and Tasmania.

Image: APR Energy will provide mobile turbines at two power project sites in Argentina. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto / APR Energy.