US-based Dominion Virginia Power plans to develop multiple large-scale solar projects in Virginia, which will have a combined generation capacity of 400MW.

The projects are expected to go online by 2020 and are likely to cost the company $700m.

The power developer intends to extend the solar facilities in co-ordination with companies based in the US state.

Currently, the firm is seeking potential construction sites across the state, for which assessment of slope and terrain of land and other electrical and environmental factors are being carried out.

"The projects are expected to go online by 2020 and are likely to cost Virginia Power $700m."

Amidst declining solar costs, large-scale solar projects can be a cost-effective way for solar deployment, according to the power generation company.

Dominion Resources chairman, president, and CEO Thomas Farrell II said: "Our commitment to solar energy is an important part of the immediate future of our state.

"We appreciate the governor’s efforts to promote renewable energy in our Commonwealth.

"Technology has evolved in such a way that we see a long-term benefit for our customers and will work to lead the way in solar generation."

The firm had also forwarded an application to the Virginia State Corporation Commission earlier in the year, for setting up a 20MW solar project near to the Remington Power Station in Fauquier County, Virginia.

Dominion is yet to receive approvals from the state authorities for development of the Remington plant as well as the 400MW solar projects.