UK-based green energy company Ecotricity is set to complete development of a new wind park at Alveston in Gloucestershire by the end of this year.

Being the company's second wind project in the county, the Alveston facility is a three turbine site located close to the junction of the M4 and M5.

Last year, the company also secured planning consent for new grid connections at the wind site to ensure the development could go ahead. Following this, Ecotricity commenced early construction work to prepare the site and develop onsite access tracks.

"The Alveston facility is a three turbine site located close to the junction of the M4 and M5."

While work is expected to commence this year, Ecotricity needs to start building crane pads and dig foundations for the windmills, as well as continue work on the substation.

In addition, the company will create a community benefit fund for the Alveston wind park, which will be managed through Green Britain Foundation, Ecotricity’s charity unit. Through the fund, nearly £7,000 will be made available per year for groups in local parishes. This will be spent on projects in line with the charity’s criteria around sustainability in the sectors of energy, transport, and food.

Image: Alveston wind park in Gloucestershire, UK. Photo: courtesy of Ecotricity.