French electric utility Engie has been shortlisted to develop around 17 solar photovoltaic projects within the country and in Brazil, totalling 325MW.

As a part of the bidding arranged by the French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), the firm has won 14 solar projects, totalling 95.5MW of installed capacity.

Engie had participated in the bidding through its subsidiaries Solairedirect, la Compagnie Nationale du Rhône, La Compagnie du Vent and Futures Energies.

Four of the proposed projects will be equipped with solar tracker equipment, with the rest featuring fixed photovoltaic panels.

"Nearly 85% of the company’s 8,683MW power generation capacity comes from renewable energy sources."

The PV panel supported projects will be set up on agricultural lands, Engie said, and are expected to be operational before the end of 2017.

The French utility presently maintains a portfolio with 1,450MW of solar and onshore wind power projects in the country, along with 3,824MW of hydraulic power facilities.

In Brazil, Engie has won solar projects totalling 230MW through its subsidiaries Tractebel Energia and Solairedirect.

The bidding was organised by Agêncie Nacional de Energia Eléctrica, an agency affiliated under the Brazilian Ministry of Energy.

Three projects will be built as part of the deal, including a 30MW photovoltaic facility in Assu, within the region of Rio de Grande do Norte, which is to be operated by Tractebel Energia.

The remaining two, one 80MW plant in Floresta and another 120MW capacity in Paracatu, will be developed by Solairedirect.

Power output from the three plants will be sold in the country for 20 years, starting from November 2018.

The French giant already operates more than 10GW of renewable energy in Brazil.

Nearly 85% of the company’s 8,683MW power generation capacity comes from renewable energy sources.

Engie has emerged as one of the independent power producers in the country with 8,683MW of installed capacity, 85% of which is derived from green energy sources.