UK-based Fern Communications has secured a Supply Chain Innovation for Offshore Renewable Energy (SCORE) scheme grant to provide a custom-built two-way radio network communications system for windfarms.

Called WaveCom, the new radio communications system will serve the east of England’s growing offshore windfarm construction industry.

The £50,000 grant comes after the company was awarded the contract to provide a system for the Galloper Offshore Windfarm, located between 34km and 55km off the Suffolk coast.

Following the latest award, Fern further refined the concept and developed a radio system that could be used by multiple operators and sub-contractors across a wider area.

Fern managing director Jennifer Cushion said: “Our radio system will provide the east coast offshore renewables industry with huge efficiency savings. Instead of each company and subcontractor having to set-up their own radio network, ours will be readily available and fully operational.

"Our radio system will provide the east coast offshore renewables industry with huge efficiency."

“But we could not have done it without the SCORE grant, which is helping us cover the research and development costs, months ahead of income coming on stream.”

Fern’s radio systems features repeaters to ensure coverage in difficult, hazardous and inaccessible locations such as oil and gas platforms, LNG tankers, wind and oil support vessels, tunnels and power stations.

The company states that its equipment is used by the fire and rescue workers across the UK, Norway and Taiwan.

SCORE has been set-up to encourage firms across England to develop innovative products, processes and ideas that solve problems and drive efficiency in offshore renewables.

Image: Fern Communications had received financial backing from the UK Government's SCORE scheme. Photo: courtesy of OrbisEnergy/ TMS Media Ltd.