Irish energy firm Gaelectric has opened its ninth operating windfarm at Leabeg, located 6km southeast of Ferbane in Co Offaly in Ireland.

The 4.6MW farm is made of two German Enercon turbines and is set to generate enough renewable power to provide 12,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity. They have been named Sky Spinner and Sky Rocket.

Gaelectric’s other eight farms are located at Skrine, Carn Hill, Dunbeg, Faughary, Cloghboola, Ballywater, Monnaboy, and Roosky.

Gaelectric’s chief operating officer Barry Gavin said: "We are delighted to officially open Leabeg Windfarm, our sixth operating farm in the Republic of Ireland and one of nine we now have operating on the island of Ireland.

"The windfarms will contribute savings in CO2 emissions of around 6,000 tonnes equivalent."

"It will make an important contribution to renewable electricity generating capacity in the Irish midlands, and contribute savings in CO2 emissions of around 6,000 tonnes equivalent."

With the new facilities in place, the company now has 175MW of generating windfarms in Ireland.

Offaly County Council’s cathoirleach Eamon Dooley said: "County Offaly has a long and proud heritage of generating power from our own natural resources. Historically, this has been peat.

"But as Leabeg clearly demonstrates, Offaly can also take its place as a provider of renewable power, be this in the form of biomass, solar, or wind."

The project will secure about €10,000 per year from a Community Benefit Fund, which has been established to support local community projects.