General Electric Company (GE) has secured a contract from Iberdrola Ingenieria to install a gas turbine for the Lichterfelde combined-cycle power plant (CCPP) in Germany.

The contract calls for the provision of GE’s advanced technology 9F gas turbine to the Lichterfelde plant in addition to overseeing operations and maintenance of the turbine for 25 years.

In March 2013, the developer of Lichterfelde power plant Vattenfall awarded a contract worth €240m to Iberdrola Ingenieria to complete the turnkey construction of the Lichterfelde power plant.

As per the contract, Iberdrola’s subsidiary will be responsible for the design, engineering, procurement and construction, assembly and commissioning of the new plant.

Iberdrola Ingenieria has already commenced work on the deep foundations, and the company is setting up its temporary offices and deploying its construction team on the site.

"The Lichterfelde power plant will supply electricity and district heating to south-west Berlin."

The Lichterfelde power plant, which replaces an existing thermal power plant operating on the site since 1974, will have an electricity capacity of 300MW (260MW GE gas turbine plus a 40MW electric turbine) and a thermal capacity of 225MW.

This replacement is part of an initiative that Vattenfall undertook to reduce carbon emissions and upgrade the utility’s electricity generation facilities; the company had signed a climate protection agreement with the Senate of Berlin regarding this initiative.

Once completed, the Lichterfelde power plant will supply electricity and district heating to south-west Berlin.

GE and Iberdrola Ingenieria have worked together on similar power generation projects in Spain, Lithuania, Qatar and Algeria in the recent past.

Image: Vattenfall’s Lichterfelde combined-cycle plant in Germany. Photo: courtesy of Iberdrola Ingenieria