General Electric Power & Water’s Distributed Power business is supplying four 25MW trailer-mounted TM2500+ aeroderivative gas turbines to Mexico, which has been experiencing problems in power supply after Hurricane Odile.

GE is co-ordinating with Mexico’s federal electricity commission, Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE), for restoration of power in the country.

Two days after the signing of an agreement, GE began shipping the units from its Jacintoport, Texas facility on October 1.

The units will pass through George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston before it is delivered to San Jose del Cabo Airport in Mexico.

GE’s TM2500+ turbine model features powerful jet-engine technology and is termed the ‘Power Plant on Wheels’.

"The turbines can be used to provide baseload bridge for permanent power installations."

Promising flexibility and easy dispatch features, the turbines can be used to provide baseload bridge for permanent power installations.

The unit is claimed to be ideal to generate surplus and backup power during periods of high electrical demand, disaster relief, plant shutdowns or equipment maintenance.

GE Mexico CEO Raúl Gallegos said: "In GE, we are proud to work with partners such as CFE. We recognise CFE’s efforts in coping with the emergency in a timely and effective way, the response of a world-class company.

"As a company with a strong commitment to Mexico’s development, with a presence of more than 118 years in the country, we are glad to have been able to actively collaborate with Mexican authorities in order to restore power as fast as possible to the communities impacted by Hurricane Odile in mid-September."