GE has secured contracts to supply equipment and services for a new 900MW gas-fired power plant in the Erzin district of southern Turkey.

The Egemer Elektrik Uretim (Egemer) – Erzin combined-cycle gas turbine power plant is owned and operated by one of Turkey’s leading energy investors, Akenerji.

Under the terms of the contract, GE will supply two Frame 9FB gas turbines and three generators for the power plant.

"The growing Turkish economy is fuelling the need for more electricity and much of that demand is being met through the private sector," said Akenerji CEO Ahmet Ümit Danisman.

"For success in this sector, it is important to work with suppliers like GE who can offer proven, reliable and efficient power generation technology."

The firm has also signed a 12-year service agreement to provide planned and unplanned maintenance services to help ensure the long-term, reliable operation of the equipment.

The power plant will be capable of generating highly flexible and efficient electric power with the use of advanced technology.

It will be equipped with an advanced combustion system to help maintain compliance with environmental emissions criteria to meet European standards.

The plant will generate enough to meet 2.6% of Turkey’s current electricity requirements and will add an additional 1.6% to Turkey’s installed generation capacity of 53gW.

To date, GE has supplied equipment for power plants that are operating or under construction in Turkey totaling more than 10,000MW.

The Egemer-Erzin gas-fired power plant is scheduled for commercial operation in the third quarter of 2014.