GE has announced its mobile and trailer mounted TM2500 gas turbine generator sets will be used to provide new generation capacity in South Australia.

This announcement follows a deal between GE’s power alliance partner APR Energy and the South Australian Government, which covers nine GE TM2500 units. These units are expected to provide more than 250MW of power once commissioned.

The mobile gas turbine generator sets can be commissioned in days and achieve full power within minutes to support grid security.

GE Australia president and CEO Geoff Culbert said: “This is an important day for South Australia and GE is proud to be bringing its state-of-the-art technology to support the state. South Australia is already a world-leader in renewable energy generation and our technology will complement these efforts.

“[GE’s TM2500 units] are a proven technology that will provide secure and reliable power to South Australian businesses and households.”

"[GE’s TM2500 units] will provide secure and reliable power to South Australian businesses and households."

The TM2500 units are claimed to offer significant flexibility compared with several other base-load generation options. Every unit can produce more than 30MW of power and can be started progressively as demand increases.

As the units are being trailer-mounted, they can be transported by land, sea, or air and redeployed to other locations within an electricity grid.

The units can also generate electricity using gas or distillate liquid fuel, which helps to maximise fuel availability and supply options.

Culbert said: “The TM2500 units will provide unrivalled flexibility to support the immediate needs of the South Australian electricity grid and then seamlessly transition to deliver capacity over the long term.

“This is another great example of GE's energy technology, from wind turbines to gas power plants, being selected to deliver secure, reliable electricity to homes and businesses across the country, reinforcing our position as a true partner to Australia.”