Hitachi Zosen, as part of a consortium with nine other companies, has won the bid to construct the 220MW Iwafune offshore wind farm project in north-western Japan.

The project will be developed in Murakami City, Niigata prefecture. It was awarded to the consortium by the city’s project promotion committee.

The committee, at present, is conducting a feasibility study for the project in the Iwafune offshore area, around 2km away from the city’s coast, targeting 2,700ha of sea with 10m to 35m of water depth.

About 44 bottom-mounted offshore wind turbines will be installed at the 220MW facility, each having a capacity of 5,000kW. Technical and commercial planning for the turbine installations have been initiated as well.

"Once operational, the farm is expected to power around 170,000 local households annually."

Following the feasibility study, the consortium will set up a special purpose company (SPC) in 2015 to overlook the project.

Manufacturing the equipment for the farm is likely to start from 2020, and the commissioning has been scheduled to be initiated by 2024.

Once operational, the farm is expected to power around 170,000 local households annually.

While foundation and overall design for the project will be looked after by Hitachi Zose, Mitsubishi and Venti-Japan will be responsible for business development and operations.

Sumitomo Electric Industries will be responsible for setting up the transmission cables, substations, and other installations for the project.

Financing and operations for the wind project, which is expected to cost JPY100bn ($852m), will be looked after by Hitachi Capital. The Daishi Bank and The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi will also supply the finances for the project development.

Hitachi will further be liable for the wind turbine performance and installations at the facility, while TOA and HONMA will be the firms developing it.