A 15-member team from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has observed a number of good practices at a United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) nuclear power plant located in Barakah, Abu Dhabi.

The observations were made during a pre-operational safety review team (Pre-OSART) assessment by the IAEA that was conducted ahead of plant commissioning. It was intended to identify and determine the plant operator’s safety commitments.

Korea Electric Power Company (KEPCO) is responsible for building and commissioning four 1,400MW pressurised water reactors for the plant. These will be operated by Nawah Energy Company, which is a joint venture between Emirates Nuclear Energy and KEPCO.

“The final report is expected to be submitted to the UAE Government within three months.”

During the review, the IAEA team investigated various aspects including leadership and management for safety; training and qualification; operations; maintenance; technical support; operating experience; radiation protection; and chemistry.

The review team included experts from Finland, France, Hungary, the Russian Federation, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine, and the UK, as well as four IAEA officials.

A draft of the report has been provided to the plant’s management so they may provide feedback. The UAE Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation will also give a response, which will be reviewed by the IAEA.

The final report is expected to be submitted to the UAE Government within three months, while plant management is set to address any areas identified for improvement and has requested a follow-up OSART mission in around 18 months.