Intasive Energy has installed solar nano-grids in the villages of Lemolo B and Echareria in Nakuru County, Kenya.

These nano-grids were installed in two weeks and enable villagers to switch on lights and operate agri-processing machinery.

The villages are the first to secure such a clean, affordable, and reliable model of energy and installation was funded by $100,000 raised through Crowdfunding.

A central solar hub offers both commercial energy for village enterprises and household energy using up-cycled laptop batteries, providing economic, social, and environmental benefits. Intasive Energy Solar Nano-Grid initiative (SONG)’s aim to provide these benefits to over 450,000 people across the globe and the firm has launched a $30m impact investment programme to achieve this aim.

"Using up-cycled laptop batteries, the solar grids provide economic, social, and environmental benefits."

SONG’s solar-hub has a direct current (DC) inverter-less power output of 3kWP-5kWP. Every grid supports a community of around 60 households, which serves 300 people.

The SONG model secured an initial support of research and development fund of $600,000 from the UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) and the Department for International Development (DFID).

To take its programme on a global scale, the firm plans to undertake a global impact investment initiative and Green/Climate Bond programme to raise $30m.

This will enable the firm to provide the technology to around 1,500 communities in Kenya, South Africa, and Mozambique over the next two years.