Shanghai-based development company JA Solar has delivered 11MW of high-efficiency photovoltaic (PV) modules for a diesel hybrid project in the Red Sea region of Egypt.

The PV-diesel hybrid project is the largest of its kind in North Africa. It will be developed by Masdar City and funded by the government of UAE capital Abu Dhabi.

JA Solar’s president Jian Xie said: "Because the project is located in the desert and will experience extreme climatic conditions, it has stringent requirements for highly reliable modules.

"Our winning bid demonstrates the high-quality and reliability of our modules and the broad international recognition of our products.

"The hybrid project will help make significant reductions in CO2 emissions by 42,700t every year"

"We are committed to meeting diverse needs of our customers through innovations in technology and improvements in product performance, while seizing opportunities to make a positive contribution to solving the world’s increasingly serious energy problems."

The diesel hybrid power project comprises of four power plants in Marsa Alam, Shalateen, Abu Ramad, and Halayeb. It is developed to help supply electricity for the tourism industry in the Red Sea region. The four plants together generate a capacity of 14MW and combines existing diesel generators with latest PV modules.

The hybrid design will not only help save costs related to the purchase and transportation of diesel oil but will also assist in significant reductions in CO2 emissions by 42,700t every year. Once completed, the project is expected to supply electricity to 25,800 Egyptian families.