The replacement and modernisation of data, processing, and control systems (DPCS) has been completed at Dungeness B nuclear power plant in the south east of Kent, England.

The replacement was executed successfully, without interrupting plant operations. It also enabled both legacy and replacement systems to run in parallel to ensure continuity before the actual switchover.

Under the terms of the deal, Atos Worldgrid carried out the building, testing, and commissioning of the new system, which has been designed to meet EDF’s specifications supporting the nuclear plant operations, which include adherence to strict national and international standards.

Atos Worldgrid was also responsible for the design and selection of replacement technologies, the implementation programme, and delivery.

"The replacement was executed successfully, without interrupting plant operations."

The company’s CEO Jérôme de Parscau said: "The new Data Processing and Control System of Dungeness B in the UK has been accepted by the Safety Authorities and is now offered by Atos as a framework for best practise to help any nuclear power operator ensure similar replacements or implementation of new built superannuated computer systems can be planned and executed safely and efficiently."

Atos was responsible to ensure the new systems were fully integrated in a simulator before the transition. This allowed all affected by the change to be completely familiar with new systems and interfaces.

The worldwide life span extension of nuclear power plants means expertise is required to modernise and replace old, traditional systems to remain in line with the latest regulations.