Over half of human resource managers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland said that specialist talent is needed help firms navigate the new energy landscape, a new poll has shown.

According to the survey by Baringa Partners, nuclear phase-out initiated in Germany, transition to renewable energy, e-mobility, energy efficiency and smart grid roll out programmes were considered key challenges faced by the sector.

As a result, 58% of HRs believe that over the next two to three years there will be few opportunities for existing senior managers and apprentices but that they will instead be on the look out for specialist talent.

The poll also showed that 69% of companies surveyed have not yet aligned their HR planning and strategic development with the new requirements of the energy market.

The report posted that 17% of the HR managers expected their companies to increase their HR budgets and almost 40% of HR managers have already or are planning to outsource their operations in the near future.

Siegfried Handt, Energy Relations managing director, said that this is the first study to examine the implications of the energy transition for HR managers within the sector.