Nordex has secured a contract from Eneco to supply its Generation Delta wind turbines for the Moy wind farm, located near Inverness in northern Scotland.

As per the contract, Nordex will supply the Generation Delta wind turbines for the 66MW wind farm in 2015. The company has also secured a 15-year premium service contract from Eneco for the wind farm.

The wind farm will be equipped with 20 N100/3300 turbines and is expected to be completed in late summer 2016. Designed for strong wind speed (IEC-1) conditions, these turbines will make optimum use of the strong winds prevailing at the wind farm site.

With a rotor diameter of the N100/3300, the turbine is 10m larger and has 32% greater nominal output when compared with its predecessor. Featuring the proven design of Nordex’s own NR50 rotor blade, the N100/3300 turbine has a nominal output of 3.3MW.

Nordex management board member Lars Bondo Krogsgaard noted the company has had good and extensive experience on IECa sites in the UK in the past.

"The company has had good and extensive experience on IECa sites in the UK in the past."

"With this project, we have the chance of continuing on this path successfully and of demonstrating the strengths of the N100/3300," Krogsgaard said.

The Scottish Government, following an environmental impact assessment, granted a planning consent in February 2012 to Carbon Free Developments to develop a 20 turbine, 50MW wind farm. Initial stages were carried out by Carbon Free Developments.

In July 2013, Eneco Wind UK was named new investor in the Moy wind farm and the company has taken the lead for the construction and operations phases of the project.

The Scottish ministers granted approval for the Moy wind farm in January 2014 to increase its capacity from 50MW to 60MW.

Image: Eneco ordering 66-MW wind farm in Scotland. Photo: courtesy of Nordex.